Strategy for AR Medical Journals

Dr. Crowther suggested that I flesh out the connection between the science being referenced in ES and larger trends in medicine. I think the connection can be found in the documents produced by the Arkansas Medical Society, which record what the discourse within the medical profession of Arkansas concerned itself with.

Produce bibliography of publications

Keywords — chemistry, chemist, air, climate, climatology, pure, American Climatological Association, analytical chemistry, analysis, mineral waters, Eureka Springs

Get general idea of what was being discussed:

  • Were organized doctors in Arkansas making reference to work being done in Britain, Germany, or France?
  • Were they discussing whether chemistry or climatology were sister-sciences? Did they believe these sciences could add to medical knowledge? Should they be consulted in therapeutics?

Were doctors prominent in Eureka participating in the society?

  • L. J. Kalklosch
  • John W. Thrailkill
  • W. W. Johnston

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